A tool-oriented mindset can lead to unnecessary complication

Tools are supposed to make our lives easier. Any obligation to blindly use them may cause unnecessary complications.

The software/IT market is rapidly growing, where programmers with various backgrounds are absorbed into this market every day. Accordingly, time-to-market becomes essential for individuals who are excited by state-of-the-art tools and technologies. There are always such ‘Everything in one-week’ courses targeting this excitement. At this point, we may forget that tool-oriented courses focus only on the features of some tools and not on the design principles. For example, a Java Bootcamp aims to teach you Java features as much as it can, and not principles of Object-oriented programming, design patterns, or algorithms. These courses are definitely useful and necessary if combined with appropriate software design knowledge. Otherwise, they can incept a tool-oriented mindset leading to unnecessary complications caused by blindly using tools when not needed nor fit.

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